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[FLOWER-general] Boy Scouts Boy Scouts

From: Algernon Armstrong
Subject: [FLOWER-general] Boy Scouts Boy Scouts
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 21:49:43 +0400

Ann Cyrilla, who had always seemed kind and friendlyand had paid her many compliments.
Good gracious, were there any men around? But what a chapter itwill make for my diary. She discovered that she was fairlyshaking with weariness. And why isnt it as bad for peopleto contradict me? Johnson, and I felt horribly mortified because I knewshe was disappointed.
Emily was notcold in body, but a little chill had blown over her soul.
Can you tell me where my dark-haired Annie is?
Ill have to write it down asa bad deed in my diary. She wasthere with Jen Strang, who had come to get a root of my Persianrose-bush for her mother. The key of the door is hanging up in there on a nail at the rightside! She held up her hands as if toward off a blow and shrank back against Teddy. Oh,if I only hadnt on this Mother Hubbard Id fling this door openand confront them. How madcap Ilse did love to shock MissPotter!
Ihope Elizabeth wont keep us waiting long. Tell them yourself, suggested Miss Potter. Morrison wrenched upon the door and sprang into the porch, hisdog behind him. Why, theysay she was at the charivari at Johnsons last Tuesday night,dressed as a boy.
Why, theysay she was at the charivari at Johnsons last Tuesday night,dressed as a boy. She hoped earnestly that Perry would not be long infinding Aunt Elizabeth.
Why, theysay Ilse is as much an infidel as her father.
But its my belief she would have done it justthe same no matter who was there. Timeafter time he hunted her out with his cunning, implacable patience. But she looked after him understandingly, and forgave him.
The picture of him, etched on her brain by the lightning, neverleft her.
It was a moonlitnight and the sandshore was wonderful.
Shewas merely a crouching, springing, shrieking thing of horror. Oh, Mother, for goodness sake, be sensible! Carpenter says we should make every experience teach ussomething, she wrote. If this irrational woman persistedin making a scene, very well: a scene she should have. She would take them into the sitting-room andthen Emily could make her escape. Emily could imagine the shrewishglint in Miss Potters eye as she uttered it. Ann Cyrillaneed not suppose that she had been using any other persons eyes. Miss Potter sat down with acreak and Mrs. But I take a good deal of convincing that they ARE stone walls andnot cardboard imitations. Kent wasnt like other women andthere was no use in feeling too badly about it. The truth soundedlike a silly, stupid invention.
Morrison give a wild, eerie shriek ofdespair as she escaped him.

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