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[FLOWER-general] outmaneuver

From: Bessy Rosado
Subject: [FLOWER-general] outmaneuver
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 07:06:06 -0400
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The president must approve any use in war in a defensive military mode to save lives.
It's a distributed, fast-moving response to a distributed, fast-moving foe. But there's an e-mail making the rounds, from a marine in Fallujah, that's too good not to share. " I'm one of those Americans. spacecraft or whether it was successful," the story says. Everest, according to the Agency, you're a "Daring Thrill Seeker. Where's the intel assessment?
" That's not exactly right. We need FEMA or the state EOCs to develop procedures that will minimize panic and not automatically go to four-alarm mode, assuming that every white powder is anthrax unless otherwise proven.
And that's a pretty major milestone for the Navy. Such capability will allow for the deconfliction of Chinese satellites, and would also be required for offensive actions.
"We're making a huge course change in the way we do business," Babcock says. But the idea of building a cheap, adaptable, plug-and-play fleet that's future-proofed for uncertain times looks like a winner.
We seem to swing from pandering to our worst fears to get a few more bucks to blind rote repetition in hazard response that doesn't match logic to the threat.
The rotational inertia generated in flight allows the UAV to self level and maintain a very high degree of stability, even while hovering.
Some in the armed forces talk about the strikes as a way to take out an Iranian nuclear facility, a terrorist chieftain, or a North Korean missile on the launchpad.
" If you'd like to have ESP and a designer wardrobe, that qualifies you as an "Impressive Mastermind. Patrick Roberts, R-Kan.
One of the female employees cried on her way out of the decontamination tent, where she was required to strip naked and get scrubbed down by a hazardous-materials team.
" That's not exactly right. " If you'd like to have ESP and a designer wardrobe, that qualifies you as an "Impressive Mastermind.
At least one of the satellite attack systems appears to be a groundbased laser designed to damage or blind imaging satellites.
" If you'd like to have ESP and a designer wardrobe, that qualifies you as an "Impressive Mastermind.
They're looking forward to helping.
And, of course, the constant threat of another terrorist attack. "It remains unclear how many times the ground-based laser was tested against U. He said they also receive training in the law of war and applicable Geneva Conventions implications. Astronomers looking into the heavens will be the most immediate beneficiaries.
The "laser apparently had technical difficulties," according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, "but the results of the test were startling.
Patrick Roberts, R-Kan.

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