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[FLOWER-general] salt TB

From: Hannah Whitley
Subject: [FLOWER-general] salt TB
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 00:34:50 +0200
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It hard to have the argument when folks who are getting paid by PayPerPost are doing it out of financial hardship, but I will try.
It put him in positions he was never in and had him saying things he never said.
By doing this the folks at the table who are good players started to get very confused while reading into my strategy.
He is best remembered as the father of publicly funded medicare.
He said CBC hired a historian who concluded the character created for the film does not reflect the historical record.
As far as I'm concerned PayPerPost can keep their loser advertising base.
They get traction WITH THEIR CURRENT MODEL and they undermine the blogsophere.
and this is all a game.
It was a total blast. You of course need GreaseMonkey to install and run it!
We built the blogosphere as a place for people to share their thoughts honestly and transparently. I do them to share with my questions, comments, and concerns with my friends. Folks come up and sit at the table in the hopes of winning.
Free Software Utilities. Austrum Latvijas Linukss What is AUSTRUMI?
So much for taking it easy.
Gardiner's true personality and behaviour.
You may not always have net connection and or desire to upload all your data at once. It was a total blast. we're better than this and we should not give up this beautiful city that we've built just so some VCs can make a quick buck. There is NOTHING innovative about deception.
They get traction WITH THEIR CURRENT MODEL and they undermine the blogsophere.
Saskatchewan's Gardiner Dam on Lake Diefenbaker is named after him. This resulted in a steaming letter from Goodale to CBC president Robert Rabinovitch and several questions in the House of Commons.

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