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Re: [Forge-main] Skills List [LONG]

From: Ed Spader
Subject: Re: [Forge-main] Skills List [LONG]
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 08:03:21 -0800 (PST)

--- Ricardo Gladwell <address@hidden>

> Fundamentally, yes - you explained it far better
> than I. Averages would
> perhaps be too complicated to calculate. Rather, I
> suggest that for each
> three ranks in skills purchased from a skill group
> gives you one rank in
> the generic skill for that group. So, Art (Dancing)
> 3 and Art (Painting)
> 3 would give you Arts 2.

Ah. I understand now. Yes, this works much better than
using an Average. What a great concept.

> There is a slight problem with anachronisms for
> this: for example, a
> Weapons skill list with an associated Weapons
> generic skill would mean
> that an fantasy fighter with Sword 3 and Axe 3,
> would have a Weapons 2
> rank for using any kind of weapon, including
> firearms! Similarly for
> Science - our modern Science wouldn't compare, for
> example, with
> hypothetical far-future sciences.
> Instead, I suggest the following suggestion to the
> problem. Have the
> following skill groups:
> Animals
> Firearms
> Melee Weapons
> Ranged Weapons
> Sciences
> High Sciences
> Ancient Crafts/Trades
> Land Vehicles
> Boats
> Modern Vehicles

Since this is to be an encapsulation of a generic
rules system (befitting of ancient-post modern
settings), perhaps Firearms should be renamed to
Modern Weaponry or something similar. In a
modern-to-post-modern campaign, someone familiar with
gun should be able to figure out how to fire a
shoulder harnassed missle. Or does that fit into
firearms? Where does one's function of firing a
catapault fit in?

Also, perhaps the word Ancient should be dropped from
Ancient Crafts/Trades. Plumbing is a modern trade, as
is Blacksmithy, Book-binding, etc. I think
Crafts/Trades fits quite nicely, and is rather

Just my .02

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