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Re: [Forge-main] Re: [freeroleplay] Re: Skills

From: Timothy S. Nelson
Subject: Re: [Forge-main] Re: [freeroleplay] Re: Skills
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 20:39:31 +1000 (EST)

On 30 Aug 2003, Ricardo Gladwell wrote:

> I think this all depends on what the 'base line' is for your characters.
> In RPG there is an unspoken structure which I will refer to as Average
> Human. This is basically a character with average abilities (strength,
> etc), that is unskilled in most skills and possesses no other unique
> traits (advantages, etc). In many ways, when developing a roleplaying
> game the first thing you must do is decide what this character is like.
> For most games, whatever biases the RPG writer has informs what this
> Average Human is like. Since most game designers I would assume tend to
> be university graduates (my own bias here?) the basic assumption that
> the character has easy access to education also comes into play.

        I like the Call of Cthulhu approach to skills.  The big disadvantage 
is that nearly every skill is listed on the character sheet (they write small 
:) ).  But what they have is something like

Anthropology (00) ___
Climb (40) ___
Jump (30) ___
Zoology (00) ___

        The skills in () are the base skills (out of 100).  If you allocate 
extra points to a skill, you write it in the ___, otherwise you just leave it 
blank, and use the number in ().  Another cool feature is that, if you 
sucessfully use the skill during the game (in order to achieve your goals), 
after the game you get to roll 1D6 and add that many points to your score.  


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