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[Free-announce] Stock Profiler

From: Scott Rudolph
Subject: [Free-announce] Stock Profiler
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 14:35:30 -0000

Big News Expected Tuesday! This Will Get This Stock Really Moving!

Interest for VGYI has been picking over the preceding month, with some 
investors already doubling their money trading this last week. Look for 
more increases this week with the company continuing a massive PR 
campaign and with extremely low float and outstanding shares along with 
seasoned management and cutting edge technology in alternative fuels. 
Reports indicate that all clean transportation fuel plants utilizing 
bio-mass are selling all the fuels they can produce. Indications are an 
imminent classic short squeeze is in the making. VGYI looks like a winner to 

Press Release:
Monday September 25, 2:34 pm ET

Vision Energy Group, Inc. Prepares to Purchase Biodiesel Production Unit

Company Name: Vision Energy Group Inc. 
Lookup: VGYI.PK
Current Price: $.85 (50% gains expected this week!!)

About Vision Energy Corp.

Vision Energy Corp. offers an efficient, patented technology to 
generate electricity at substantial savings by using the wasted energy 
dissipated when high pressure gas pipelines are let down in pressure for local 
consumption. Up to 70% of electricity generated when using this system 
is produced without combustion of any fossil fuel and therefore no 
harmful atmospheric emissions. Thermal efficiency can exceed 100% by taking 
advantage of both let down energy and primary turbine waste heat 
(exhaust ).

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