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[Free-dev] Investment time frames, stok recommendations and highlights D

From: Addie
Subject: [Free-dev] Investment time frames, stok recommendations and highlights Discover the latest
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 10:24:45 -0000

stok purchase recommendations and short term trading tips stok purchase 
recommendations and short term trading tips 

Come on in here: CHINA GOLD CORP
Symbol: CGDC
Current Price: 1.90

You can see China’s developing gold boom is building momentum. Rare opportunity 
for early investors!

Why consider CHINA GOLD CORP (CGDC)? See nowadays what happened:
• Rising gold prices are further accelerating this gold rush - The price of 
gold has up 250% over the past five years, and this is still only a quarter of 
when the price peaked 25 years ago. (Adjusted for inflation.)

• HUGE gold discovery in southwestern China - Resources have already been 
estimated by analysts at 14 million ounces...and the number keeps climbing.

• China is the world’s last great under-explored land-mass - Locked away in a 
Marxist time-warp with limited exploration technology, China’s rich virgin gold 
fields have been overlooked and ignored until recently.

• China is already the world’s 4th largest producer of gold — and will soon be 
the world’s #1 producer AND #1 consumer. The country is going gold-crazy!

• Foreign gold companies are now welcome - and the laws have been changed to 
provide full legal protection.

CURRENT NEWS: China Gold Corp. Announces Five for One Forward Stock Split
China Gold Corp. (CGDC - News) is a Nevada Corporation, engaged in gold and 
minerals exploration and development of gold and mineral properties in China. 
The company is pleased to announce today that the board of directors has 
approved a five-for-one forward stock split. The record date for the forward 
stock split is to be effective closing Friday, May 12, 2006. Stockholders of 
the record date will be entitled to four additional shares of common stock for 
each share of common stock held on that date.


China Gold Corp. is a Nevada Corporation, engaged in gold and minerals 
exploration and development of gold and mineral properties in China. China Gold 
Corp. is dedicated to delivering growth to the shareholder by employing a 
disciplined business methodology through acquisitions and joint ventures. The 
Company seeks to acquire properties with the following development criteria: 
largely unexplored but highly prospective geological regions, ability to 
generate near-term revenue and cash flow, tremendous geological potential for 
world-class economic deposits.
The Example Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Little Known Company 
That Explode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are Already Familiar 
with This. Is CGDC Poised and Positioned to Do that For You? Then You May Feel 
the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch this One Trade tomorrow! Go CGDC.

Reliable methods of stok analysis and optimal buy and sell times Financial 
analysis and stok recommendation on stoks taking off 

Buy stoks for the short term with expert stok recommendations Insider 
information that brings about tremendous profits 

 Dont count the days, make the days count! Red sky at night shepherds 
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do not understand fractions Think before you speak There's no place like!. After dark all cats are leopards Never judge a book by its cover 

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