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[Free-dev] Re: test VALvLtUM

From: Harriet Procter
Subject: [Free-dev] Re: test VALvLtUM
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 16:20:58 -0700

V A L / U M
P R O Z ^ C
L E V / T R A
C / A L / S
M E R / D / A
A M B / E N
S O M ^
X ^ N A X
V / A G R A
nothing of it at all); but the old fellow seems.very excited.
I only wish he was a raven! said Balin.
I thought you did not like them! You seemed very shy of them, when
we came this way before.
Those were crows! And nasty suspicious-looking creatures at that,
and rude as well. You must have heard the ugly names they were calling

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