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[Free-dev] derogat 605

From: Myrtle Guel
Subject: [Free-dev] derogat 605
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 19:01:51 -0700

S O m &
L e V / T R A
P R O z & C
A m B / E N
C i A L / S
V / a G R A
X & n a x
M e R / D / A
V A L / u M
A m o x / c i I l / n
T r & m a d o I

in a jug! Come give us a taste of your sleeping-draught before we fall
to! No need to wake the turnkey yonder. He has had his share by the
looks of it. Then they drank once round and became mighty merry all of
a sudden. But they did not quite lose their wits. Save us, Galion!
cried some, you began your feasting early and muddled your wits! You
have stacked some full casks here instead of the empty ones, if there is

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