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[Free-dev] Fwd: deal

From: Gino Huber
Subject: [Free-dev] Fwd: deal
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 05:35:16 -0100

only wanted to scare them into moving. The best of the Misery books, and maybe the best thing I ever wrote, mongrel dog or not.

Everything else is a blank. Survived by his wife, twelve children, and what looked like about four hundred grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That is crazy, he told himself, and then he heard thought he did a little rustling sound, the sound of a womans starched skirt, perhaps, brushing lightly against the wall. Paul sat quietly, beginning to HAVE AN IDEA His conscious mind returned THE DOCTOR IS IN and picked the idea up like a letter pushed through the mail-slot in a door.

He heard low squeaking sounds and thought of her saying: They come into the cellar when it rains. She blew apart into shadows.

She bent down again and this time came up with a dark bottle and the box of matches. It was the DIVORCES GRANTED column from the Nederland paper, but he had to turn it over to make sure that Annie and Ralph were a part of it.

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