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Re: [Freebangfont-devel] Mukti

From: Sayamindu Dasgupta
Subject: Re: [Freebangfont-devel] Mukti
Date: 04 Nov 2002 23:28:15 +0530

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 14:16, Anirban Mitra wrote:
> Well let's name the font 'Mukti' then- made for
> muktabanglafont project.
> There are quiet a few spelling mistake in the
> dictionary I have detected - say "ngaca" is used
> instead of "nyaca" in "anchal".
> I'm modifying mukti at present, using composit glyphs
> has lead to significant reduction of size.
> Anyway, is GPOS feature supported in GNOME? else i
> have to make compossites for proper alignment.

mukti from proprietary fonts ;)
i believe that GNOME2 does support GPOS, tho i have not tested it out
If you want help regarding composite glyphs, etc, do let us know

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