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[Freebangfont-devel] [Announce] Mukti 0.9.0

From: Sayamindu Dasgupta
Subject: [Freebangfont-devel] [Announce] Mukti 0.9.0
Date: 10 Nov 2002 16:12:29 +0530

Hello all,
I just finished uploading the Mukti set of fonts to the project site.
See for details.
The Mukti set, developed by Dr. Anirban Mitra uses the glyphs from the
recently GPL'ed Akruti set of fonts.
It has three fonts - muktibld.ttf,  muktinrw.ttf,  mukti.ttf.

Note that Mukti is still in *BETA* stage,  with the positioning lookups
still incomplete, and hence, there will be misalignment of matras and
rephs etc in many cases. 


Sayamindu Dasgupta []

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