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RE: [Freebangfont-devel] Bengali OT specification

From: Andy White
Subject: RE: [Freebangfont-devel] Bengali OT specification
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 21:02:07 -0000

>But wouldn't it be better to propose a new character "khanda-ta" rather
than flip the current spec ?
That already been done. A proposal has been submitted at least twice

Here is the comities response from one such proposal.
RESOLUTION M39.11 (Request from Bangladesh):
In response to the request from Bangladesh Standards and Testing
Institution in document N2261 for
adding KHANDATA character to 10646, WG2 instructs its convener to
communicate to the BSTI:
a. that the requested character can be encoded in 10646 using the
following combining sequence:
Bengali TA (U+09A4 ) + Bengali Virama (U+09CD) + ZWNJ (U+200C) +
Following Character(s),
to be able to separate the KHANDATA from forming a conjunct with the
Following Character(s).
Therefore, their proposal is not accepted.once by BTSA 

>Because by so doing you lead to the problem that now ta+hashanta+zwj
(which you propose as ta-explicit hashanta) can be combined with a
>(The issue is that both tha-hashanta and khanda-ta can't be combined
with vowels, by just flipping the spec, you transfer the problem from
khanda-ta to tha-y-hashanta)

The point is that ta+hashanta+zwj should lead to a half form. The half
form could be a 'half sized ta' or you may want to use khondoto, but
since there would be no mechanism left for displaying to_hosonto I
propose that  to_hosonto should be used.
Also I final to see why something such as: 'to hosonto ZWJ so ikar'
which would be rendered as: 'ikar to hosonto so' = tsi, is a problem. 
(tsi is how the Greeks pronounce the English word tea)

(Yet to introduce himself)

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