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Re: [Freebangfont-devel] (links and Google rank)

From: Deepayan Sarkar
Subject: Re: [Freebangfont-devel] (links and Google rank)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:47:34 -0600
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On Monday 18 November 2002 01:00 pm, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 00:15, Deepayan Sarkar wrote:
> > A suggestion (for Sayamindu): since the font project is more likely to be
> > linked from other sites like these, it might be a good idea (from our
> > perspective) to have a link from there to, which might
> > eventually help increase its PageRank.
> Ok, I will add a links section there in the site
> but this would require a little bit of work (since the entire thing is
> hard coded in plain html), and since I am a bit busy with my exams, i
> will probably be a little late :)

Nothing urgent.

I was thinking more in terms of something like "Also see the BengaLinux Page 
for related projects" somewhere on the first page of the Font project site. 
(In other words, the 'Link Section' you are thinking of would point directly 
to Bengalinux can then be the single point where all related 
links (current as well as future) can be maintained. No point in doing the 
same thing over and over again.


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