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[Freeipmi-devel] Re: [llnl-devel] Re: power control and BMC configuratio

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] Re: [llnl-devel] Re: power control and BMC configuration problem
Date: 22 Jan 2004 15:42:20 -0800
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Anand Babu <address@hidden> writes:

> ,----[ Albert Chu <address@hidden> ]
> | My debugging has shown that tiger4 BMCs never respond to ARP requests.
> | When I tried to enable "BMC-generated ARP responses", the BMC gave me
> | "invalid configuration option" errors.  My belief is that tiger4 BMCs

> | only send out gratuitous ARPs, and it is the job of the
> | switch/router/ethernet to see the gratuitous ARPs and cache the MAC
> | address of the card.
> `----
> I believe we are facing "OS-Absent problems with ARP" 
> See IPMI 1.5 rev1.1 - Section 12.7.1 - PDF Page# 141
> Possible solutions are also described in Section 12.7.2.
> My recommendations:
> 1) Run a proxy ARP daemon. Robin mentioned you are already
> running such service in your network for some switches.
> 2) Gratuitous ARPs
> I will take a look at these commands and fix them. They are supported
> by Intel's BMC. (Ian, can you take a look at this)

> PDF Page# 256
> - Enable BMC Generated ARP Responses
> - Enable BMC Generated Gratuitous ARP Responses

Hmm, didn't Al write that Tiger's BMC actually rejects the first?
We already do the second.


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