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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] about FISH

From: Anand Babu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] about FISH
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 05:59:10 -0700
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,----[ "Sun, Ning" <address@hidden> ]
| Anand Babu,
| I hope I can implement Fish commands if I know much more about
| FreeIPMI and Fish. Does Fish support IPMI over LAN as IPMIPower does?
| Can I communicate with the developers of Fish?
| Thanks, Ning

I would very much like to see you contribute enough and become a part
of FreeIPMI Core Team one day.

I am not sure about my return date to California, If you want to start
early, You can meet Balamurugan <address@hidden> and get
complete training on FreeIPMI project.

California Digital
46832 Lakeview Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
General: (510) 651-8811
Fax: (510) 651-8844
Cell: (510) 710-7362

FreeIPMI Framework
 - design
 - fiid model
 - modular approach
 - conventions followed and The GNU Coding Standards
 - LAN, KCS and SMIC drivers
 - API layer (sensors, sel, bmc, chassis control ...)

 - design
 - guile 
    - hello-guile.c example
    - Scheme programming (examples and references)
    - Guile as extension language
 - extending fish capabilities
   - writing fish extensions
   - writing fish scripts
   - examples

And have a walk-through for - ipmipower, ipmi-ping, rmcp-ping,
bmc-watchdog, bmc-info, sensors, sel, and bmc-config.

This will get you started.

When you submit patches, please use
# diff -pruN freeipmi freeipmi-hacked > patch-NAME-AUTHOR
and include the patch and Changelog as a part of your plain-text email
body (not as attachment). Subject should prefixed with patch:

Once you are ready, let me know, I have a huge TODO list. You can pick

As of now all the IPMI supported systems available in the market are
IPMI-1.5 based and includes SOL as proprietary OEM extension.

Only in IPMI-2.0, SOL became a open standard. We do have a NDA
protected details for implementing SOL on 1.5 based Intel and Tyan
boards. But its of no use to the GPL licensed FreeIPMI project. Bala
wrote some code for IPMI-1.5 and we decided to drop them. He is now
working on modifying the code to 2.0 SOL standard (with low
priority). He has to finish bmc-config rewrite first.

Intel will provide IPMI-2.0 SOL as an add-on card on top of on-board
IPMI-1.5 BMC (at extra cost huh!).

SOL is an important sub-system of IPMI. If mother-board vendors are
already able to support SOL with existing IPMI-1.5 based on-board BMC,
Supporting 2.0 SOL should be a matter of firmware upgrade. All these
vendors want to lock the customers with proprietary extensions some

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <>

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