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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] ipmi_lan_open_session() question

From: James Laros
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] ipmi_lan_open_session() question
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:44:59 -0600
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When you say the APIs will completely change does that mean
that the current ones will dissapear? If so I guess I should
wait until the next release? When will that be?
Can I assist by using early release stuff?

On 18:59 Tue 27 Sep     , Anand Babu wrote:
> ,----[ "James Laros" <address@hidden> ]
> | I have a question about the usage of ipmi_lan_open_session.  First
> | off I don't see it used in any of the utilities that come with the
> | distro? Any reason?
> `----
> libfreeipmi driver APIs will completely change in the next
> release. Thats one reason "fish" and tools waited for long time for
> network support. Newer APIs are very easy to use and driver
> independent. Same tools will work for inband and out-of-band drivers 
> transparently. Refer to freeipmi/doc/example/udm-test.c in the CVS. 
> ,----[ "James Laros" <address@hidden> ]
> | More specific question if I use the call as follows the Activate
> | Session Application Response returns a completion code of 0xcc
> | (Invalid data field in request)
> `----
> This means your input field(s) is wrong. You should compare your
> values with one of freeipmi's tools (like ipmipower). Bala wrote a
> simple UDP server to dump the values for debugging. It will be
> included in the next release. First make sure ipmipower, ipmiping
> tools work, before you start with your own tool.
> ,----[ "James Laros" <address@hidden> ]
> | Wasn't sure if I need to pass in something for session_seq_num or
> | session_id??? In the request message the session_id seems be set
> | properly to a temp session id, session_seq is 0 which should be ok
> | yes?
> `----
> With the newer APIs, session_seq, session_id crap all handled
> internally by the driver.
> ,----[ "James Laros" <address@hidden> ]
> | By the way it seems to return < 0 but set errno to Success??
> `----
> Thanks for reporting, this is a bug. lan_open_session returns without
> setting errno properly when ipmi_comp_test fails.  I have fixed it in
> the CVS now. 
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> Anand Babu 
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