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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI Issues

From: Al Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI Issues
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 15:51:24 -0700

Hi Levi,

On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 13:21 -0600, Levi Pearson wrote:
> I'd like to work with the core developers so that any fixes and new
> features we make are acceptable to you, so we don't have to maintain a
> separate branch. 

Sounds good.  Glad to have additional support from others.

> With ipmiconsole, I discovered that the internal handling of the Kg key
> is done with string manipulation functions, and that there is also an
> off-by-one error.  

I thought I had caught every corner case.  But perhaps not :-)  Just
point me in the right direction, I'd be glad to get it fixed.

> I'd like the ability to enter the key in hexadecimal
> and have it treated as a 20-byte binary field instead of a string, which
> matches how the key is handled in the Dell utilities.

I faced a similar issue/dilemma early on.  Honestly, I went with strings
b/c it was easier.  Perhaps a patch for bmc-config, ipmipower, and
ipmiconsole would be best.  Not sure how to do it for bmc-config.
Perhaps two options.  One for strings and one for hex??  Hmmm...
comments anyone else?

> I'd also like to integrate libfreeipmi with conman, and I'd appreciate
> hearing if anything has been done in that direction yet.

Chris Dunlap (author of Conman) sits down the hall from me.  There is
support w/ ipmiconsole (in a soon to be released Conman), where Conman
runs it in a separate process.  Conman 2.0 is planned for integration
with libipmiconsole (which uses libfreeipmi).  I'm unsure of the
timeline.  How about starting a thread in the conman mailing list, and
we can discuss it more in there along w/ Chris.

> With the exception of ipmipower and ipmiconsole, the FreeIPMI utilities
> have issues dealing with having Per-Message Authentication and
> User-Level Authentication disabled.  

I could have swore it did.  But looking through the code in FreeIPMI 2.0
and 3.0, it doesn't seem to be there.  

> nor does there seem to be an option to change it in bmc-config yet.  

It should be supported for you guys.  The fields to configure it are:

Volatile_Enable_User_Level_Auth              Yes
Volatile_Enable_Per_Message_Auth             Yes

and there are non-volatile equivalents too.

Do you not see these when you run bmc-config --checkout?  It's possible
Dell did not make them readable/writeable.

Do you have to run ipmipower with the --check-unexpected-authcode
option?  I'm wondering if these Dells have the same problems that led me
to write that workaround.

> I've done some investigation into the best place to put checks for those
> options.  Right now, it seems like the best way would be to have
> ipmi_cmd_get_channel_authentication_capabilities set some flags or new
> struct members in the ipmi_device_t that is passed to it. Then,
> ipmi_lan_open_session could change the authentication type in the
> ipmi_device_t to NONE after it finishes authenticating the session (if
> the appropriate flags are set, of course, and barring the need for the
> workaround present in ipmipower).  Any thoughts on this?

I admit I haven't looked at this code in quite some time, so I could be
wrong on the best approach.  I thikn the best way is to add two things
into the ipmi_device_t.

1) flag indicating per_msg_auth set/unset
2) a "state" variable indicating what state the lan session is in. (i.e.
get auth caps, get session challenge, activate session, set session
privilege, fully activated session, close session).  This could be a set
of enums in ipmi-udm-device.h.

Then, within _ipmi_lan_cmd_send(), depending on the flags and state, use
a different authentication type/password/etc as needed.

Then in ipmi_lan_cmd(), based on the flags and state, adjust the check
authentication field appropriately.

Sound good?

I might be able to find time to do it soon.  But given I haven't looked
at this in awhile, you might be ahead of me in finishing it :-)

Since I would consider this a bug rather than a feature, I think it
should go into the 0.3.X line and released in 0.3.3 as a bug fix.  Same
with the new options for a hex based input.

> We'd also like some more extensive PEF configuration options in
> bmc-config, but I haven't looked into that with any detail yet.

Bala is currently working on an ipmi-pef tool for PEF configuration.  It
was supposed to be done quite some time ago, but other projects of his
have taken him away from it.  He thinks he'll be able to work on it full
time starting Friday.  Perhaps if workload can be split, and you have
time, you guys could collaborate on it?  I'll let Bala speak on the
mailing list concerning that.


> Anyway, thanks for the excellent software, and let me know what you
> think about my ideas above.
>               --Levi
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