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[Freeipmi-devel] IPMI Serial Interface (Terminal Mode) PowerPC

From: Deepak Gaur
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] IPMI Serial Interface (Terminal Mode) PowerPC
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 14:45:51 +0630

Hi all

I have task of making software for following hardware interface

PowerPC MPC8560 SCC ------UART----IPMI Serial Interface(Terminal 
Mode)---->BMR-AVR BMC

As I am not much aware about IPMI I shall be grateful if anyone can clear my 

Software Available

OS : linux kernel > 2.6.17 on Host processor 
Driver : SCC driver (Serial Driver) available with Linux Kernel
Host processor : MPC8560 (ppc)

The host processor is MPC8560 (Motorola ppc) and its Serial Communication 
controller is
connected to BMC(BMR-AVR) over Serial Interface. The mode required is Terminal 
Mode as
defined in IPMI Specs 1.5.

My task is to write a user mode application in linux which issues commands over 
serial interface to BMC and get the responses. 

My doubt is regarding software stacking of the various drives and my 
applicatiom .

Layer 1 -> My Application
Layer 2 -> libfreeipmi
Layer 3 -> Terminal Mode Serial Interface Driver (Linux)
Layer 4 -> Serial Driver (MPC8560 SCC)

Is the above stacking correct as per FreeIPMI framework or I haven't understood 
the things?

If it is correct then is Terminal Mode Serial Interface Driver (Linux) 
available with
freeIPMI and what all is required to customise it for using MPC8560 serial 

If it is not available where can I get the same?

Thanks in advance,

with regards,

Deepak Gaur

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