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[Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI 0.6.0-beta0 Released

From: Al Chu
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI 0.6.0-beta0 Released
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 11:40:18 -0700

Howdy everyone,

I'm thinking I'm going to release FreeIPMI 0.6.1 in early May sometime.
If people could check out the early version and send in comments on
portability, buildability, etc., I'd appreciate it

Below is the complete list of new features in FreeIPMI 0.6.X.  The big
big changes are:

- new ipmi-sensors-config and ipmi-oem tools.  ipmi-oem doesn't have
anything in it yet, but I feel its important to atleast have it out
there to "advertise" it if vendors want to add things into it.

- the sdr caching mechanism has been completely re-written for
extensibility, speed, and to be common between all tools.  It requires
the cache to be re-generated.

- libfreeipmi has been completely re-orged.

- debugging features have been enhanced, allowing me to help users over
the mailing list more easily.


0.6.1 - 00/00/00
For Users
o Add new tool ipmi-sensors-config.
o Add new tool ipmi-oem.
o Support --groups (plural) for multiple groups listing in
  ipmi-sensors.  Older --group (non-plural) option maintained for
  backwards compatability.
o Support --list-groups and --flush in ipmimonitoring for consistency
  to ipmi-sensors.
o Change --cache-dir to --sdr-cache-dir in ipmimonitoring for
  to ipmi-sensors.
o Change short option -f option to -n in pef-config and bmc-config for
  consistency to ipmi-sensors-config.  The -f option is maintained for
  backwards compatability.
o Support -e (--escape-char) for alternate escape character in
o Enhanced speed of ipmi-fru, by skipping unnecessary FRU data reads.
o SSIF Inband driver will timeout after a certain period of time.
o Support additional sensor monitoring interpretations in
o Provide more detailed error messages in config tools.
o Support shared SDR caches for ipmi-sensors, ipmi-fru, ipmi-sel,
  ipmi-sensors-config, and ipmimonitoring.  (libipmimonitoring will
  still use a different default cache directory.)  This will require a
  new cache generation for these tools.
o Modified SDR caching output messages in ipmi-sensors, ipmi-sel,
  ipmi-fru, ipmi-sensors-config and ipmimonitoring to provide more
  useful information.
o In ipmi-sensors, updated SDR output under verbose and very verbose
  output modes with:
  o More IPMI compliant field names.  For example, 'Sensor Name' has
    been replaced with 'ID String'.
  o More correct output.  For example, 'NA' will be output instead of
    '0.0' when a value is not truly available.  Fields that don't exist
    will not have a default output.
  o Fix incorrect hysterisis calculation and output.
  o Fix incorrect OEM data output.
  o Support more SDR record types for output.
  o Output more SDR record information in general.
o Various other bug fixes, documentation fixes, and enhancements.

For Developers
o Many libfreeipmi API changes.  Not counting specific tool changes
  listed above, these API changes should not affect FreeIPMI user tools.
  o locate/probing API revamped.
  o SMIC driver/api removed.
  o 'udm' renamed to 'api' globally.
  o 'ipmi_device_t' device context renamed to 'ipmi_ctx_t'.
  o New sdr-caching library added.
  o Code re-organized into subdirectories.
  o New header files for more ipmi spec subsections added.
o Support new 'ipmi_monitoring_sdr_cache_filenames' function in
o Store SDR with different format for ipmi-sensors, ipmi-fru,
  ipmi-sel, and ipmi-sensors-config, ipmimonitoring/libipmimonitoring
  for easier future extensibility.
o Packet names added to IPMI dump outputs in all tools for easier
  packet identification in debugging.
o Support driver timeout error codes in all drivers and APIs.
o SDR record dumping added into all tools.
o Various other bug fixes and enhancements.


Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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