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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] hardcoded path to ipmi-sensors in ipmimonitoring sc

From: Al Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] hardcoded path to ipmi-sensors in ipmimonitoring script caused problems in Gentoo
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 08:57:38 -0700

Hi Werner,

This is normally something that is handled within the build system.  I'm
not familiar with debian/gentoo, so I can't really comment on how the
build systems work (perhaps Yaroslav is watching and can comment).

If you look at the code, you'll see that the script line is:

exec @IPMIMONITORINGSBINDIR@/ipmi-sensors $options

and the appropriate path is put in via configure.


On Fri, 2011-06-10 at 07:27 -0700, Werner Fischer wrote:
> Hi Al,
> our Nagios/Icinga IPMI is meanwhile available in Gentoo as an ebuild,
> just like FreeIPMI is, too:
> In a bug report for the plugin Rolf Eike Beer mentions that the
> hardcoded path to ipmi-sensors in the ipmimonitoring script of FreeIPMI
> 1.0.4 caused troubles in Gentoo:
>         "Additionally the file /usr/sbin/ipmimonitoring in 1.0.4 has a
>         hardcoded path to /usr/local/sbin/ipmi-sensors which is
>         in /usr/sbin instead."
> See:
> The ipmimonitoring script has the following last line:
>         exec /usr/local/sbin/ipmi-sensors $options
> With the plugin I had the same issue regarding setting the location of
> ipmimonitoring. I resolved it there with the following part (but the
> plugin requires /bin/bash, I'm not sure whether this works also with
> other shells in this way...)
>         if [ -x "/usr/sbin/ipmimonitoring" ]; then 
> IPMICOMMAND="/usr/sbin/ipmimonitoring"
>         elif [ -x "/usr/bin/ipmimonitoring" ]; then 
> IPMICOMMAND="/usr/bin/ipmimonitoring"
>         elif [ -x "/usr/local/sbin/ipmimonitoring" ]; then 
> IPMICOMMAND="/usr/local/sbin/ipmimonitoring"
>         fi
> Do you see an option how you could modify the ipmimonitoring script so
> that it also works when ipmi-sensors is not in /usr/local/sbin/ but
> in /usr/sbin instead?
> Best regards,
> Werner
Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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