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[Freeipmi-devel] question about SNMP

From: dan farmer
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] question about SNMP
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 07:29:51 -0800

Hi folks - I can't quite figure out the data stored about SNMP with respect to IPMI and the BMC and I wondered if someone could shed a small bit of light on the topic.

Basic problem - I can't get the FreeeIPMI *-config tools (e.g. bmc, pef, i-sensors, i-chassis) command to dump the SNMP community string or any data about SNMP at all.  In ipmitool it does allow one to retrieve it (trivial example - "ipmitool lan print |grep -i snmp" returns "SNMP Community String   : AMI" on one of my boxen.  Mind you, I'm not trying to compare tools or anything, just illustrating!)

Is there any way to get that data with the FreeIPMI toolset?  The spec (along with the auxiliary Platform Event Trap Format Specification) implied that the BMC could generate a UDP SNMP packet ("LAN Alerts are accomplished by generating a UDP Datagram that contains an SNMP Trap") to a destination for alerts, but the details elude me.

Sorry if I'm missing something basic, or a tool that retrieves this.  It's gotta be there somewhere ;)




p.s. The 2.0 IPMI spec says in the Get LAN configuration command section (23.2) that the SNMP community string is one of the configuration parameters supported; it says (pg 322):
data 1:18 - Community String

Default = ‘public’. Used to fill in the ‘Community String’ field in a PET Trap. This string may optionally be used to hold a vendor-specific string that is used to provide the network name identity of the system that generated the event. Printable ASCII string-. If a full 18 non-null characters are provided, the last character does not need to be a null. 18 characters must be written when setting this parameter, and 18 will be returned when this parameter is read. The null character, and any following characters, will be ignored when the Community String parameter is placed into the PET. The BMC will return whatever characters were written. I.e. it will not set bytes following the null to any particular value.

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