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[Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI 1.4.8 gets no response back from a host based

From: Reinhard Trebbow
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] FreeIPMI 1.4.8 gets no response back from a host based on Supermicro
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 12:00:54 +0000



I am not sure whether this ist he right email address to report my case, otherwise correct me.


I have a problem with all FREEIPMI programs to get a connection to a specific host.

I have 3 Servers with the same Hardware (Supermicros) and with the same BCM-Firmware (3.36).

When I am on the servers, I can connect to the BMCs with ipmitool with no problem.

When I use for example ipmiconsole (or one of the other FREEIPMI-programs) from an remote host

I can connect to two server but not to the third one, I get “connection timeout”.

I can ping the IP-Address (the BMC-Address) for this Server and I can telnet to port 623 with no problem.

The problem is also existent when I install FREEIPMI on this System and use ipmiconsole locally.


The Systems are installed at a data center but the persons that are working there also have no idea what the problem

Is with this machine. They offered me to replace this systems but this means a lot of work after that to

Setup this system again from scratch.

My Idea is now that I am sending you here the description, maybe you have an idea.

I heard something about a checksum problem in earlier version and so I tried with

-W noauthcodecheck,nochecksumcheck but that doesn’t helped.

Following is the debug-output:

address@hidden ~]# ipmiconsole -h -u monitor -p J2929dj94j9sm_4 -l user --debug ===================================================== IPMI 1.5 Get Channel Authentication Capabilities Request ===================================================== RMCP Header: ------------ [               6h] = version[ 8b] [               0h] = reserved[ 8b] [              FFh] = sequence_number[ 8b] [               7h] = message_class.class[ 5b] [               0h] = message_class.reserved[ 2b] [               0h] = message_class.ack[ 1b] IPMI Session Header: -------------------- [               0h] = authentication_type[ 8b] [               0h] = session_sequence_number[32b] [               0h] = session_id[32b] [               9h] = ipmi_msg_len[ 8b] IPMI Message Header: -------------------- [              20h] = rs_addr[ 8b] [               0h] = rs_lun[ 2b] [               6h] = net_fn[ 6b] [              C8h] = checksum1[ 8b] [              81h] = rq_addr[ 8b] [               0h] = rq_lun[ 2b] [              16h] = rq_seq[ 6b] IPMI Command Data: ------------------ [              38h] = cmd[ 8b] [               Eh] = channel_number[ 4b] [               0h] = reserved1[ 3b] [               1h] = get_ipmi_v2.0_extended_data[ 1b] [               2h] = maximum_privilege_level[ 4b] [               0h] = reserved2[ 4b] IPMI Trailer: -------------- [              5Fh] = checksum2[ 8b] ===================================================== IPMI 1.5 Get Channel Authentication Capabilities Request ===================================================== RMCP Header: ------------


And it goes on until the timeout. No response data came back.


Thanks for reading I and your assistance.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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