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[Freeipmi-users] Thank You

From: Anand Babu
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] Thank You
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 02:20:31 -0700
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,----[ Joseph Ruscio <address@hidden> ]
| I can probably get set up as a gentoo maintainer, if you're
| interested, though it will have to wait until mid-Nov after the
| conference.
Hi Joe,
Sounds great. Please take the Gentoo maintainer responsibility. Create
a savannah user-id and let us know when you are ready. I will add you
as a packager to the team.

Also we all want to *SPECIALLY THANK YOU* for your rigorous quality
control process. All the bugs you reported helped us mature to this

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <>

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