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Re: [Freeipmi-users] Cat ate the fish

From: Anand Babu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] Cat ate the fish
Date: 14 Nov 2004 23:36:09 -0800
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,----[ "Ben-Shimon, Tamir" <address@hidden> ]
| throw args : (#f Unbound variable: ~S (bc-main) #f)
This looks like installation is incomplete. "bc2.scm" is missing or not
found in search-path.

In my system, installation looks like this:
debian-ia64:~# locate bmc-config.scm
debian-ia64:~# locate bc2.scm

Try "bmc-info" command and see if you are getting expected output. It
is much easier to debug with this command.

More info will help me analyze better. Or if I get remote access, I
can fix in few minutes.

,----[ "Ben-Shimon, Tamir" <address@hidden> ]
| fish> bmc-info
| fish>
| Anyone have any idea, what am I doing wrong?
Yes, Fish internal command bindings are missing currently.  However it
is trivial to add them.  Fish is currently undergoing a major facelift
to work transparently for both out-of-band and in-band drivers. They
will be available in the next major release. 

For now I recommend to use fish scripts instead. "bmc-info" executable
is actually a fish script installed under $prefix/sbin.

Thanks for reporting.
Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <>

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