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Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiping newbie question

From: Rene Salmon
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiping newbie question
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:41:02 -0600
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Thanks for the help. Yes you are correct IPMI only works on eth0 on the IBM e326. Once I connected both server with a cross over cable on eth0 I can now

athena ipmitool-1.8.7/bin# ipmiping
ipmiping (
response received from rq_seq=54
response received from rq_seq=55
--- ipmiping statistics ---
2 requests transmitted, 2 responses received in time, 0.0% packet loss

Now for the next step I would like checkout the config to file so that I can make some changes. Something like this.

athena ipmitool-1.8.7/bin# bmc-config -h -u admin -o
Section User1
        ## Give username
        Username                                     NULL
        ## Possible values: Yes/No or blank to not set
## Give password or blank to clear. Max 20 chars for IPMI 2.0. Max 16 chars on IPMI 1.5
This BMC does not support option [LAN_Enable_IPMI_Msgs].
This BMC does not support option [LAN_Enable_Link_Auth].
This BMC does not support option [LAN_Enable_Restrict_To_Callback].
This BMC does not support option [LAN_Privilege_Limit].
This BMC does not support option [LAN_Session_Limit].
This BMC does not support option [SOL_Payload_Access].
This BMC does not support option [Serial_Enable_IPMI_Msgs].

Basically all the options are not supported. I think this might be a privilege permission issue or user name password thing. I am very new to this so not sure where to look?

I had to use ipmtool to set things up inband but now I am trying to use freeipmi to do the rest. Here is the user list:

crash ipmitool-1.8.7/bin# ./ipmitool -I open user list 1
ID  Name             Callin  Link Auth  IPMI Msg   Channel Priv Limit
1                    true    true       true       USER
2   Operator         true    true       true       OPERATOR
3   admin            true    true       true       ADMINISTRATOR
4   OEM              true    true       true       OEM

How do I check for passwords?  any clues?



Albert Chu wrote:
Hi Rene,

As you can see Server A can't even ping itself. Any idea as to what I am missing here?

Unlike normal 'ping', ipmiping and rmcpping cannot actually ping the
machine you are on.  Ipmiping and rmcpping must send a packet onto the
network so it can reach the service processor sitting on the network
card.  So this failure is expected.  However, I can see where someone
new to ipmi wouldn't see this immediately.  I will put a note about this
in the manpages.

If I understand the way this works correctly Server B can actually be
powered off with no OS and as long as the server is connected to the
network and has power it should replay to the ipmiping and other
commands correct?

You're correct.  As long as the service processor is configured properly
(I would assume the 'lancfg' program would do it) an OS on the remote
machine shouldn't be required.  Have you tried having the cross-over
cable connected to both eth0 and eth1?  The IPMI NIC may be on eth0 not

Could you also try 'rmcpping' just for kicks?  It could indicate one
thing is mis-configured while another isn't.

I'll also forward your e-mail off to another IBM IPMI user I know.  He
may know something subtle that I don't.


        Rene Salmon
        Tulane University
        Center for Computational Science
        Richardson Building 310
        New Orleans, LA 70118
        Tel 504-862-8393
        Fax 504-862-8392

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