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[Freeipmi-users] Some basic questions

From: Raghavendra G
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] Some basic questions
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 10:30:15 +0530

Hi all,
We have an ATCA chassis with Schroff shelf manager (BMC). The chassis has 4
blades each having an MC. I am able to rmcpping the Shelf Manager(BMC) from
any of the blades. But I am not able to rmcpping b/w the blades. Looking
into the problem I've found that on the blades no process is running on the
port 623 (which is the default port used by rmcpping).

Is it that only the Shelf Manager can reply to rmcppings but not the MCs on
the blades? In that case how is the communication b/w BMC and MCs is done??
Is it through the IPMB Bus?? i.e., does BMC and MCs on the blades never use
Ethernet to communicate (Specifically MCs not the processes like openhpi
apps running on blades)??


Raghavendra G
Software Engineer,
Clovis Solutions, Bangalore
+91 9880213025

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