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[Freeipmi-users] ipmipower

From: Kevin Fox
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] ipmipower
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 17:44:28 -0800

Having problems with ipmipower. I have a 192 node cluster and am trying
to use it with Powerman/ipmipower. Powerman -q is showing a large,
random assortment of of nodes in the unknown state. It changes each run.

I went to the underlying ipmipower commands and stat in interactive mode
comes up with a random set of timed out nodes.

The man page refers to setting fixed mac addrs in the arp tables, and I
tried that.

Doing a tcpdump while doing an ipmiping shows the bmc, at roughly every
two minutes, makes an arp request towards the machine running ipmiping
and drops all packets on the floor while it is waiting for the arp
response. So every bmc drops some packets. Also, when starting up
ipmiping, it drops some packets while it does an initial arp request.

I think this is what is confusing ipmipower. I've tried lots of
different settings for ipmipower but have been unable to find a set of
options that come up with a reliable stat. Any ideas what I should set
things to? (These nodes are IBMx3550's using an RSAII if that helps)


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