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Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiconsole asus problem

From: Bernd Schubert
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiconsole asus problem
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 18:59:46 +0100
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Hello Al,

On Sunday 23 March 2008, Albert Chu wrote:
> Hey Bernd,
> There are some ASUS ipmi compliance problems (confirmed by ASUS folks) but
> I don't know about if there are any firmware fixes out there.  If you take
> a look at the manpage, under "Workarounds" you can find (currently) 3
> workarounds I put into ipmiconsole for Asus motherboards (please let me
> know if your motherboard is not listed there, and I can add it to the
> list).  The problem you're hitting below is almost assuredly the "authcap"
> issue.  The "solpayloadsize" and "solport" are two others that may/may-not
> exist on your motherboard.

thanks a lot for your help. Somehow I missed the authcap workaround, I alreay 
tried the sol*. In the end one has to specify 
-W authcap,solpayloadsize

This a RS162-E4/RX4 barebone and I think the mainboard is called DSBF-DR12/SAS 
(according to dmidecode). 

> PLMK if those workarounds work out for you.
> Al
> P.S.  If you/others are curious why ipmitool works by default, it's
> actually related to an architectural decision.  Highlighted in part 8 of

Which of these exactly? Wouldn't it be useful to simply try the authcap 
workaround if "invalid user" was returned?

I still have a problem, though. As with ipmitool sysrqs don't work, although 
sysrqs are generally enabled. Do you have an idea what might be the problem?

Thanks again for your help,

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