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Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiconsole asus problem

From: Bernd Schubert
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiconsole asus problem
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:28:09 +0100
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Hello Al,

On Sunday 23 March 2008, Albert Chu wrote:
> Hey Bernd,
> > Hello Al,
> >
> > On Sunday 23 March 2008, Albert Chu wrote:
> >> Hey Bernd,
> >>
> > I still have a problem, though. As with ipmitool sysrqs don't work,
> > although
> > sysrqs are generally enabled. Do you have an idea what might be the
> > problem?
> I can't speak for the asus boards, but I know that some motherboards
> cannot support serial-breaks via IPMI, therefore not allowing sysrqs to be
> generated.  I only know of one vendor that does support it, and I had to
> complain until a firmware fix was finally done.  So it wouldn't surprise
> me if serial-breaks via IPMI just didn't work on the asus board.  Do
> sysrqs work when you connect via a normal serial cable?

I would be suprised if sysrqs via serial cable wouldn't work, so far this was 
never an issue with any system I ever tested. But I will make absolutely sure 
on Tuesday when I'm on site.
We have an ipmi stability problem anyway and Asus is presently designing new 
ipmi cards (AFAIK some internal memory of these cards is too small to cache 
all sensors data and then the cards simply crash after some time), so I will 
tell them about the break problem... 
(I really need sysrqs, since I'm actually responsible for Lustre and the day 
will come when I need kernel traces to debug a Lustre problem).

Thanks again for your help and happy Easter,

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