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[Freeipmi-users] Re: [FREEIPMI] trouble to commit pef policy

From: Al Chu
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] Re: [FREEIPMI] trouble to commit pef policy
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 09:44:45 -0700

Hey Nicolas,

Entering section `Alert_Policy_2'
Comment on line 2
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Policy_Type=Always_Send_To_This_Destination'
Comment on line 4
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Policy_Enabled=Yes'
Comment on line 6
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Policy_Number=2'
Comment on line 8
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Destination_Selector=1'
Comment on line 10
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Channel_Number=2'
Comment on line 12
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Alert_String_Set_Selector=1'
Comment on line 14
Parsed `Alert_Policy_2:Event_Specific_Alert_String=No'
Leaving section `Alert_Policy_2'
Set PEF Configuration Parameters Request
[              12h] = cmd[ 8b]
[               9h] = parameter_selector[ 7b]
[               0h] = reserved1[ 1b]
[               2h] = alert_policy_entry_number[ 7b]
[               0h] = reserved2[ 1b]
[               0h] = policy_number.policy_type[ 3b]
[               0h] = policy_number.enabled[ 1b]
[               0h] = policy_number.policy_number[ 4b]
[               0h] = channel_destination.destination_selector[ 4b]
[               0h] = channel_destination.channel_number[ 4b]
[               0h] = alert_string_key.alert_string_set_selector[ 7b]
[               0h] = alert_string_key.event_specific_alert_string[ 1b]
Set PEF Configuration Parameters Response
[              12h] = cmd[ 8b]
[              CCh] = comp_code[ 8b]
ipmi_cmd_set_pef_configuration_parameters_alert_policy_table: bad
completion code: request data/parameter invalid
ERROR: Failed to commit `Alert_Policy_2:Policy_Type'

Hmmmm ... I'm wondering if it's complaining that the channel number is
0.  Lets try a trick.  Can you reorder your alert_policy_2 config to
list "channel number" first in the Alert_Policy_2 block?  In general,
try re-ordering them around and see if it helps (from your debug I
assume you had tried to config only Alert_Policy_2 at the time).

If that is the issue, I can add a workaround for your motherboard.  The
core issue (which I've hit with multiple vendors) is that it is possible
for the default config on the motherboard to be an "illegal" config.  So
when the user tries to change only 1 sub-field for that area, how are
they supposed to know that a part they aren't interested is configured


P.S.  If moving them fields around makes it work, PLMK what fields and
then PLMK the vendor and motherboard, so I can document it.

On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 14:07 +0100, Moerman Nicolas wrote:
> Hello Al,
> I meet a problem to commit settings into the PEF, specialy a policy.
> The amazing thing is that it worked but now it isn't anymore. I've got
> a "ERROR: Failed to commit".
> I think my syntax is OK, these problems appeared since my BMC reset
> test , I think…
> Maybe an optin has been reset and i don't remmerber what and where.
> I join the debug output of my command and the conf file.
> I hope you will have an idea about what's happen.
> thanks
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