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[Freeipmi-users] FreeIPMI 0.8.2 Released

From: Al Chu
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] FreeIPMI 0.8.2 Released
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 11:28:58 -0800

FreeIPMI 0.8.2 - 01/05/10
o Add fixes to deal with OSes that will report ECONNRESET or
  ECONNREFUSED on failed UDP sends.
o In ipmi-sensors, fix output corner case w/ device types and
o In ipmi-sel, tweak column size to fix output for common scenario.
o In ipmi-sel, fix output corner case when --ignore-sdr-cache is
o In ipmi-dcmi, handle interpretation issue on --set-power-limit.
o In ipmi-dcmi, fix various output bugs.
o In ipmi-dcmi, add more detailed error messages.
o In ipmi-dcmi, fix command line parsing of
o Support --interpret-oem-data option in ipmi-dcmi.
o In ipmi-oem, fix various Fujitsu ambiguities from the official
o In ipmi-oem, fix various Dell options and output given Dell docs
  (backwards compatability maintained on options).
  - Rename 'product-name' to 'platform-model-name' for Dell
  - Dell get-power-info is now get-power-consumption-data
  - Dell reset-power-info is now reset-power-consumption-data
  - Dell get-power-supply-info is now power-supply-info
  - Include additional output in Dell power-supply-info.
  - Dell get-instantaneous-power-consumption-info is now
  - Support instance number for
  - Dell get-average-power-history and get-peak-power-history
    collapsed into get-power-consumption-statistics.
  - Support 'min' option for Dell get-power-consumption-statistics.
o In ipmi-oem, support additional OEM commands
  - Dell get-chassis-identify-status
  - Dell get-system-info 'guid', 'chassis-service-tag',
    'chassis-related-service-tag', and 'board-revision' inputs.
o In ipmi-sensors, output Entity ID string with "Container Entity ID"
  and "FRU Entity ID" if string available.
o Fix --eliminate corner case when elimination of nodes leads to 0
  hosts specified.
o Report proper error message when underlying crypt library is
o In ipmidetectd, support quick port reuse on server setup.
o Fix hostrange parsing corner case.
o Fix Cygwin portability bugs.
o Fix minor output corner cases on sensor units.
o Fix header file typing inconsistencies.
o Fix header file documentation.
o Various documentation updates and fixes.

Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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