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Re: [Freeipmi-users] IPMI questions

From: Albert Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] IPMI questions
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 09:47:47 -0700

Hi Joe,

> one can open a redirected console session and remotely mount media 
> (ISO images) on BIOS devices.

IPMI 2.0 supports serial-over-LAN (SOL), so if they implement their
redirected console session via it, FreeIPMI's ipmiconsole tool should be
a suitable cmdline tool equivalent.  Depending on the default setup of
your motherboard, some additional config via FreeIPMI's bmc-config may
be necessary.

As for "remotely mount media", it depends on what exactly you're looking
for.  The following are available for configuration via FreeIPMI's

# Section Chassis_Boot_Flags Comments 
# The following configuration options are for configuring chassis boot 
# Please note that some fields may apply to all future boots while some may 
# apply to the next system boot. 
# "Boot_Flags_Persistent" determines if flags apply to the next boot only or 
# future boots. 
# "Boot_Device" allows the user to configure which device the BIOS should boot 
# off of. Most users may wish to select NO-OVERRIDE to select the configuration 
# currently determined by the BIOS. Note that the configuration value 
# refers to booting *into* the BIOS Setup, not from it. FLOPPY may refer to any 
# type of removeable media. "Device_Instance_Selector" may be be used to select 
# a specific device instance for booting. 
Section Chassis_Boot_Flags
        ## Possible values: Yes/No (Yes = All Future Boots; No = Next Boot Only)
        Boot_Flags_Persistent                         No
        ## Possible values: PC-COMPATIBLE/EFI
        BIOS_Boot_Type                                PC-COMPATIBLE
        ## Possible values: Yes/No (Only applies to Next Boot)
        CMOS_Clear                                    No
        ## Possible values: Yes/No (Only applies to Next Boot)
        Lock_Keyboard                                 No
        ## Possible values: Yes/No (Only applies to Next Boot)
        Screen_Blank                                  No
        Boot_Device                                   NO-OVERRIDE
        ## Possible values: None/Internal-{1-15}/External-{1-15} (e.g. 
        Device_Instance_Selector                      None
        ## Possible values: Yes/No
        Lock_Out_Reset_Button                         No
        ## Possible values: Yes/No
        Lock_Out_Power_Button                         No
        ## Possible values: Yes/No
        Lock_Out_Sleep_Button                         No
        ## Possible values: DEFAULT/QUIET/VERBOSE
        Firmware_Bios_Verbosity                       DEFAULT
        ## Possible values: Yes/No
        Force_Progress_Event_Traps                    No
        ## Possible values: Yes/No
        User_Password_Bypass                          No
        ## Possible values: BIOS-SETTING/SUPPRESS/ENABLE
        Console_Redirection                           BIOS-SETTING

Beyond this, there isn't much in the IPMI spec mounting media.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, 2011-04-25 at 18:03 -0700, joe mcguckin wrote:
> Albert,
> I recently purchased a Supermicro motherboard that has IPMI support. Using 
> the JAVA console app that you can get from 
> Supermicro, one can open a redirected console session and remotely mount 
> media (ISO images) on BIOS devices.
> Are these two features proprietary extension of IPMI 2.0 - or - are they 
> implemented in the standard? For various reasons, I do not wish to use the 
> JAVA app to access the server remotely, I'd prefer a command line utility. 
> Supermicro has been less than useful in either making available a suitable 
> cmdline application, or protocol descriptions, etc for implementing our own.
> Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> Joe McGuckin
> ViaNet Communications
> address@hidden
> 650-207-0372 cell
> 650-213-1302 office
> 650-969-2124 fax
Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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