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[Freeipmi-users] Problems with getting settings in freeipmi_interpret_se

From: FRANK Michael
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] Problems with getting settings in freeipmi_interpret_sensor.conf to work
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 16:42:43 +0000


I am having a couple of sensors on a Lenovo 650 server where the state is not 
interpreted by freeipmi.

I use the following command:

ipmi-sensors -h -u yyy -p xxx --entity-sensor-names -l USER -D LAN_2_0 
-r 124 --output-sensor-state

ID  | Name                 | Type       | State    | Reading    | Units | Event
124 | Group Drive Mismatch | Drive Slot | N/A      | N/A        | N/A   | 
'transition to OK'

I tried to address the State N/A with the following settings in 

IPMI_OEM_Value 19046:1087 0x07 0x0D 0x0000 Nominal

I tried different values for the event bitmask and also IPMI_OEM_Bitmask 
without success. The Sensor state couldn’t be interpreted by the tool.

Can anyone may please help me what I have to add to the 
freeipmi_interpret_sensor.conf to get the sensor state interpreted.
Any help to solve this issue is much appreciated.

Here are some details. Please let me know in case more info is needed.

Sensor details:

Record ID: 124
Record Type: Compact Sensor Record (2h)
ID String: Drive Mismatch
Sensor Type: Drive Slot (Dh)
Sensor Number: 124
IPMB Slave Address: 10h
Sensor Owner ID: 20h
Sensor Owner LUN: 0h
Channel Number: 0h
Entity ID: Group (37)
Entity Instance: 4
Entity Instance Type: Logical Container Entity
Event/Reading Type Code: 7h
Sensor Direction: Unspecified
Assertion Event Enabled: 'transition to Critical from less severe'
Deassertion Event Enabled: 'transition to Critical from less severe'
Share Count: 0
ID String Instance Modifier Type: Numeric
ID String Instance Modifier Offset: 0
Entity Instance Sharing: Same for all records
Sensor State: N/A
Sensor Event: 'transition to OK'

Board details:

Device ID             : 32
Device Revision       : 0
Device SDRs           : unsupported
Firmware Revision     : 2.10
Device Available      : yes (normal operation)
IPMI Version          : 2.0
Sensor Device         : supported
SDR Repository Device : supported
SEL Device            : supported
FRU Inventory Device  : supported
IPMB Event Receiver   : supported
IPMB Event Generator  : supported
Bridge                : unsupported
Chassis Device        : supported
Manufacturer ID       : Lenovo Group (19046)
Product ID            : 1087
Device GUID : 1f635e0a-d37e-5bbd-11e8-a54a47832434
System GUID : 1f635e0a-d37e-5bbd-11e8-a54a47832434

Michael FRANK
Supervisor Global Monitoring Architecture
Faurecia Clean Mobility
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Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Germany GmbH - Biberbachstraße 9 – 
86154 Augsburg – Germany

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