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[FR-users] FreeRIDE project moved to RubyForge

From: Laurent Julliard
Subject: [FR-users] FreeRIDE project moved to RubyForge
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 22:57:42 +0100
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To all FreeRIDE fellows,

The FreeRIDE project is now entirely hosted on the RubyForge Web site at. The migration from Savannah was planned long ago and the fact that Savannah has been down for some time is just the incentive we needed to complete the move :->

Everything is now on RubyForge:

- The FreeRIDE web site (
- The bug tracker, file release, CVS repository, the mailing lists... (

With respect to the mailing lists: all subscribers to the old Savannah mailing lists have been transfered to RubyForge automatically so they don't need to subscribe again. And all concerned people should have received a notification of their new subscription. Everybody should all use those new mailing lists and stop posting to Savannah. The new ML addresses are :


Welcome to the new FreeRIDE home!


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