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[Git][freetype/freetype-demos][gsoc-2022-chariri-final] 4 commits: [ftin

From: Charlie Jiang (@cqjjjzr)
Subject: [Git][freetype/freetype-demos][gsoc-2022-chariri-final] 4 commits: [ftinspect] Add "Continuous View".
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2022 06:47:21 +0000

Charlie Jiang pushed to branch gsoc-2022-chariri-final at FreeType / FreeType Demo Programs


  • 0b7a9a10
    by Charlie Jiang at 2022-09-05T14:01:25+08:00
    [ftinspect] Add "Continuous View".
    Most new features in the continuous view are included in the commit, except
    the mouse left (details pane)/right (go to singular) click behaviour.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.hpp:
      New files, the main continuous tab.
    * src/ftinspect/glyphcomponents/glyphcontinuous.cpp,
      New files, adding the `GlyphContinuous` as the actual canvas for
      continuous rendering.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/stringrenderer.cpp,
      New files, adding `StringRenderer` to layout the strings and produce
      glyphs for the canvas to draw.
    * src/ftinspect/widgets/charmapcombobox.cpp,
      New files, add the `CharMapComboBox` widget.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/charmap.cpp,src/ftinspect/engine/charmap.hpp:
      New files, adding `CharMapInfo` class.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/engine.cpp, src/ftinspect/engine/engine.hpp:
      Add necessary fields and getters for string rendering.
      Retrieve charmap when loading fonts.
    * src/ftinspect/maingui.cpp, src/ftinspect/maingui.hpp:
      Add the continuous view to the main window.
      Call `ContinuousTab::highlightGlyph` when switching from singular to
      continuous view.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/settingpanel.cpp: Uncomment functional code.
    * src/ftinspect/CMakeLists.txt, src/ftinspect/ Updated.
  • fa19c437
    by Charlie Jiang at 2022-09-05T14:01:54+08:00
    [ftinspect] Add left/right click behaviour to the continuous view.
    Left clicking will open the glyph details pane, and right clicking will
    switch to the singular tab.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/glyphdetails.cpp,
      New files, add the `GlyphDetails` class.
    * src/ftinspect/glyphcomponents/glyphcontinuous.cpp,
      Add `mouseReleaseEvent` event handler which emits the new
      `updateGlyphDetails` and `rightClickGlyph` signals.
    * src/ftinspect/glyphcomponents/glyphbitmap.cpp,
      Add `GlyphBitmapWidget` to show the enlarged bitmap.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.hpp:
      Add code to update the details panel, and wire up events.
    * src/ftinspect/maingui.cpp, src/ftinspect/maingui.hpp:
      Add code to initialize the glyph details panel, and wire up components and
    * src/ftinspect/CMakeLists.txt, src/ftinspect/ Updated.
  • dde9ba31
    by Charlie Jiang at 2022-09-05T14:16:26+08:00
    [ftinspect] Add "Comparator View".
    * src/ftinspect/panels/comparator.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/comparator.hpp:
      New files, adding the `ComparatorTab`.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/settingpanel.cpp,
      src/ftinspect/panels/settingpanel.hpp: Add comparator mode.
    * src/ftinspect/maingui.cpp, src/ftinspect/maingui.hpp:
      Add comparator tab and modify `switchTab` to prevent unwanted window
      resizing, and to fix the tab bar position.
      Modify `applySettings` to skip applying for comparator tab.
    * src/ftinspect/CMakeLists.txt, src/ftinspect/ Updated.
  • c8f0f483
    by Charlie Jiang at 2022-09-05T14:46:20+08:00
    [ftinspect] Add "Font Info" tab.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/info.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/info.hpp:
      New files, add the `InfoTab` class.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/fontinfo.cpp, src/ftinspect/engine/fontinfo.hpp:
      Add `SFNTTableInfo`, `FontBasicInfo`, `FontTypeEntries`, `FontFixedSize`
      and `CompositeGlyphInfo`. The `SFNTTableInfo` and `CompositeGlyphInfo`
      classes retrieve info without the related FreeType API, but directly
      parse the font data.
    * src/ftinspect/models/fontinfomodels.cpp,
      New files. Add models for the tables and the tree view in the info tab to
    * src/ftinspect/engine/engine.cpp, src/ftinspect/engine/engine.hpp:
      Add `loadDefaults` function for the composite glyphs view to draw its
      small icon.
      Add `currentFontHasGlyphName`, `currentFontPSInfo`,
      `currentFontPSPrivateInfo` and `currentFontSFNTTableInfo` to obtain info.
      Add getters.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/fontinfonamesmapping.cpp: New file for name mapping.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/fontfilemanager.cpp,
      Add `currentReloadDueToPeriodicUpdate` so the composite glyph tree isn't
      refreshed (which is a very expensive process) for the periodic updating of
      symbolic font files.
    * src/ftinspect/maingui.cpp, src/ftinspect/maingui.hpp:
      Add the font info tab info the main window and wire events.
    * src/ftinspect/CMakeLists.txt, src/ftinspect/ Updated.

20 changed files:

The diff was not included because it is too large.

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