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[Git][freetype/freetype-demos][gsoc-2022-chariri-3] [ftinspect] Sync fro

From: Charlie Jiang (@cqjjjzr)
Subject: [Git][freetype/freetype-demos][gsoc-2022-chariri-3] [ftinspect] Sync from the final branch.
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2022 07:28:21 +0000

Charlie Jiang pushed to branch gsoc-2022-chariri-3 at FreeType / FreeType Demo Programs


  • 8a66f081
    by Charlie Jiang at 2022-09-05T15:28:01+08:00
    [ftinspect] Sync from the final branch.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/engine.cpp, src/ftinspect/engine/engine.hpp:
      Reorder members. Move `lcdUsesBGR` and `gamma` properties to the
      rendering engine. Rename `setEmbeddedBitmap`.
    * src/ftinspect/maingui.cpp, src/ftinspect/maingui.hpp:
      Organize `#include`s.
      Fix over-aggressive reloading which affects MM/GX.
      Update connections due to changes in the glyph details window.
      Add `closeDockWidget` to close the dock window with esc.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/stringrenderer.cpp,
      Add property handling to non-spacing glyphs.
      Return correct counting for characters rendered.
      Add comments and default branches.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/rendering.cpp, src/ftinspect/engine/rendering.hpp:
      Add `gamma` and `lcdUsesBGR` properties. Reorder functions.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/singular.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/singular.hpp:
      Load palette when rendering.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.cpp, src/ftinspect/panels/continuous.hpp:
      Reorder members. Remove unnecessary functions and move out
      Focus the glyphs details pane when opening.
      Move out the `switchToSingular` connection to the `MainGUI`.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/info.cpp:
      Fix the label (non-SFNT fonts) in the composite glyphs sub-tab.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/glyphdetails.cpp,
      src/ftinspect/panels/glyphdetails.hpp: Support closing by Esc.
    * src/ftinspect/widgets/tripletselector.cpp,
      Reorder members. Fix behaviour when no font is newly successfully opened.
      Fix random crash.
    * src/ftinspect/widgets/glyphindexselector.cpp,
      Modernize signal/slots syntax. Reorder members. Disable keyboard tracking
      on the glyph index spinbox.
    * src/ftinspect/panels/settingpanel.cpp,
      Reorder members. Fix palette combobox enabling.
      Remove unnecessary layout code.
      Fix several updateing events.
      (to smoothly compare the old and new files, reorder the old one first.)
    * src/ftinspect/widgets/charmapcombobox.cpp,
      src/ftinspect/widgets/charmapcombobox.hpp: Update tooltip to current text.
    * src/ftinspect/glyphcomponents/glyphbitmap.cpp:
      Remove unused `#include`. Fix unwanted repainting.
    * src/ftinspect/widgets/fontsizeselector.cpp,
      Fix units behaviour for non-bitmap-only fonts.
      Disable keyboard tracking. Reorder functions.
    * */*: Rename `syncSettings` to `applySettings` because they are one-way
    * src/ftinspect/engine/charmap.cpp: Reorder.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/fontfilemanager.hpp,
      src/ftinspect/widgets/customwidgets.hpp: Add comments and organize
    * src/ftinspect/ftinspect.cpp,
      src/ftinspect/models/fontinfomodels.cpp: Minor.
    * src/ftinspect/engine/renderutils.cpp,
      src/ftinspect/engine/renderutils.hpp: Removed.
    * src/ftinspect/CMakeLists.txt, src/ftinspect/
      Updated and reordered.

30 changed files:

The diff was not included because it is too large.

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