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[Fsf-shop] Appeal from the Free Software Foundation

From: fsf-shop
Subject: [Fsf-shop] Appeal from the Free Software Foundation
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 20:39:45 -0500
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In 2009 you supported the Free Software Foundation (FSF) with a
purchase from our on-line store http://shop.fsf.org/. Today I'm writing
to ask you to support our work through a membership or a donation. These
are the final days of our annual fundraising drive and your support
would be most welcome at this time.


Below is an extract of an appeal written by Benjamin Mako Hill,
technologist, author and board member of the FSF. You can read the
complete appeal online at http://www.fsf.org/appeal/2009/mako/

Dear Free Software Supporter,

Free software is not really about software in this fundamental sense;
it's about bringing freedom to users through software.

In free software's incredible success over the last two decades, many
people have lost sight of this simple fact.

We have created an incredible array of applications, vibrant communities
and powerful licenses -- but these are all how we give users freedom.
They are not freedom itself. They are not what we were trying to achieve.

They are our instruments, not our goal.

As more and more users' primary computers become mobile phones and new
types of network services make up most of many users' interaction with
computers, the free software movement's goal of bringing freedom to
computer users will need to involve new software and new forms of advocacy.

A strong free software movement focused on the principled issues of
software freedom -- and a strong FSF in particular -- will determine
what freedoms the next generation of computer users enjoy.

At stake is no less than the next generation's autonomy.

If you are not an FSF associate member, now is the time to become one
with a $10 monthly contribution ($5 students).

    * http://my.fsf.org/join

Thank you!

Benjamin Mako Hill

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