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[Fsfe-france] Petition pour un peu plus de transparence a l'OMPI (WIPO)

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Petition pour un peu plus de transparence a l'OMPI (WIPO)
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 21:21:59 +0100

Un appel a signature de petition en ligne de plusieurs groupes dont
l'EFF pour un peu plus de transparence et d'ouverture a des associations
de l'OMPI, organisme dont l'impact est non negligeable sur le logiciel
libre :


We demand TRANSPARENCY within WIPO and strongly reject any kind of
disproportionate representation. 

Yet, we call for an immediate PARTICIPATION of civil society and
consumer-interest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within WIPO's
activities. Specifically, but not limited to accepting applications from
NGOs to serve as ad hoc observers at the upcoming Inter-sessional
Intergovernmental Metting next 11-13 April 2005, and for the Permanent
Committee on Cooperation for Development Related to Intellectual
Property, next 14-15 April 2005, in order to provide a BALANCED
discussion on the Development Agenda and on the IP system in general,
observing an equilibrium between IP right holders and consumers.

Apres signature :
At PetitionOnline.com, we host the petition you've signed, but we didn't
create it. If you would like to comment on the petition, you can contact
the author of the petition by email, at:

   Pedro de Paranagu Moniz / Cory Doctorow / Pedro A. D. de Rezende,


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