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[Ftba-devel] Re[1]: Remember me?

From: Nastyusya
Subject: [Ftba-devel] Re[1]: Remember me?
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 13:54:22 +0300

Hello, Karlheinz

You know, I've been rereading our letters and I've noticed that all I write you 
sounds like some usual standard and
it seems to me that my letters are boring. I was so impressed with this
discovery that I decided to write you a letter and to show you that I am much 
more many-sided and to prove that you
can find me more interesting and deep then other ladies here in this agency. 
What is love? Closeness, first of all not only in souls, but a physical also. 
Of course sexual habits are different
for every one, but here we can't speak about them as we only write letters, but 
I mention that because maybe one day
we will meet and then you will have to know what I think and how I imagine this 
being with a man I like, love.
Some men have several women: one for good conversation, one for parties and
clubs, one for sex, one of them he visits for dinners (because she cooks so 
well)))) oh yes, and the last one he gets
married with and some people say that the more parts of life of your man you 
know then more he loves you. So, I want
to be that one he gets married with, the one who cooks, who goes out with him, 
the one he makes love with and the one
who will talk to him when he wants this.
I think such things as knowing his friends, family, being in his home 
equivalent to several "I love you".
You can find me at http://feelfreewithlove.com/truefeel

Looking forward to hear from you


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