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[Ftba-devel] re:

From: Jacob Walters Igbokwe
Subject: [Ftba-devel] re:
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 21:12:36 -0060

Have you seen how these sub-one-cent companies take off on 
Good News?  For the past two months, every one we have 
brought you has shown Amazing Appreciation. 

At such a low price even the smallest Gain means a 
Significant Percentage Return.

We called (P)(P)(T)(L) as one to watch on Friday because of a 
Highly Anticipated Report from the Field.  It moved up 13% 
on Friday and the news isn't even out yet.  Just wait till 
word hits the street!

On second thought, Don't Wait!

Company (P)remium (P)e(T)ro(L)eum (P)(P)(T)(L)

Current  $0.0085 (+13%)
Target    $0.0450 (a FIVE bagger!)

At this time (P)(P)(T)(L)  has a number of Surveys and Drilling 
projects in progress.  We have heard that a Major Discovery 
has been made, and recommend our readers capitalize on this 
Opportunity right away!

Collins: I'm a scientist; I believe in God
Dobbs: We're on a 'fast track' to bad trade policy
Army: Friendly fire might have killed U.S. troops
McCain, Giuliani tied in poll of New Hampshire GOP
Army: New friendly fire probe


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