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[fxvt-users] backstage bisection

From: Osmond Travis
Subject: [fxvt-users] backstage bisection
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 16:38:01 +0200

It scarcely seems worth the trouble, does it? She was too shrewd and wise a business womanto let me have more to throw after it.
There must beconsiderable Judson in you, after all, even if there is preciouslittle banker. She had a streak of stubbornness inher make-up. It is going to rain to-morrow, at least the milkmantold me so when he came this morning. She said, for her, some pretty decent things aboutyou before she left us to come out here.
She laughed and choked and wept together. Then thehand holding it fell to his knee and he sat, staring over the bay. His reply was, for him, prompt and emphatic. With Professor Knight somewhere, shesaid. He was very glad he had not neglected their correspondence.
Just as soon as I get another check from Moore. You can pay all the people inWellmouth, all whom you owe, every one of them, in full. THEY might bea little put out, but that doesnt matter, of course. Leave those woodenbirds of yours for a little while and come out of doors and see thereal ones.
He will besurprised, of course, but, after the first surprise is over, hewill be delighted. Phillips had, apparently,dictated it to his secretary. It is right, absolutely right that you should have youraunts money.
And I havent told her of your aunts leaving you themoney, Carey, she added. It lay limply in hers asif he were quite unaware of her touch.
He did not venture to disregardinstructions in regard to the personals, however. Ever since hewas a baby his Aunt Susan had had an influence upon his life.
Your Aunt Susan had decided opinionsconcerning that woman, and I have heard her express them. That,however, is of course for you to decide. They did so and Carey stolesufficient time from the office to meet them at the station. She always reminded me of father, in so many ways; I haveheard you say the same thing.
OldSewaucus, apparently, had been sufficiently civilized to appreciatea view. For the first time she noticed the contents of the pocket.
Then he sprang out of bed and paced upand down the room, trying to grasp it all, to comprehend.

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