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[fxvt-users] perplexing magnetism

From: Davy Ruiz
Subject: [fxvt-users] perplexing magnetism
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 10:30:59 -0500

I have brought a physician, cried Willie Li triumphantly. He restored the clipping to hispocketbook. He told me toturn them over to the British consul.
Profuse in thanks, Chan followed him into an astonishing living-room.
It was a clear, cool world he looked upon, and the sight wasinvigorating. Kee Lims eyes narrowed, and he stroked his thin gray beard.
We must go into thepast, unearthing here and there. The gentleman hasturned his ankle on our detestable stairs.
I dont hearany very illuminating deductions from you. All the work of our good friend, Colonel Beetham. His cousin would have no part in whatever heproposed. Hes tickled pinkbut he wont admit it, even to himself.
No sooner isSir Frederic low on the floor than my thoughts fly back to thatmysterious face.
Lets get together for a conference very soon.
Enderby nodded, and began to speak with obvious reluctance. I have remained to assist CaptainFlannery, much to his well-concealed delight.
Condescend to enter my contemptiblehouse. Please sit here, invited Henry Li, indicating a huge chair of greenplush.
Eileen Enderby, even before she spoke, seemed flustered and nervous. Chans a stranger here, and I dontwant him to get lost.
I hope it doesnt have that effect on you.
Mainland enjoys spectacle of weary postman plodding onhis holiday walk, he replied. I remarked the injury was of the slightest, Chan said. If hes in it, thestorys even better than I thought. Of course we came, Eileen Enderby replied.
Condescend to enter my contemptiblehouse. Ihave lost my footing on these slippery stairs.
Francis the day before, MissMorrow read one of Sir Frederics treasured clippings.
He knew now that heneed not investigate the fingerprints of Carrick Enderby. I hope it doesnt have that effect on you.
Which point of character no doubt increases his value to a man like theColonel, suggested Chan. His offhand manner vanished,and he cried excitedly: Great Scott!
But from neitherSir Frederic nor the clipping did I obtain the exact date, and for it Iam yearning. He leaned back in his chair with a puzzled frown. Still, the reward in this other matter would have been great. Questions that I know youll be glad to answer.
Calm and unhurried, he prepared himself for another day, and left hisbedroom.
I am, as you must surmise, thevictim of my despicable calling.

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