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[fxvt-users] dire

From: Sadie Daugherty
Subject: [fxvt-users] dire
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 00:07:16 +0300

I told him he had to take a reasonableview of it for mothers sake.
Ill bet you folks here wasnt a bit more flabbergasted than I waswhen I heard it. Pat had resigned herself to the fact of Raes engagement. Theyre going to enjoy their childhood, she said. Mother was better than she had been for a long time. Off to her left the orchard was white and still, heaped with driftsalong the fences.
Sometimes Pat and Judy thought those frequentvisits of May home were all that saved their reason. Judy used to tellTillytuck that Silver Bush was crawling wid thim.
None of them had ever loved Aunt Edith very much . Thank God, Aprilstill comes to the world . Shes doing her best to set Sid against us all . Thatwas why he lit out like the knowing baste he was.
Rae, May doesnt WANT tohave a house built on the other place . May brought her dog with her, an animal known by the time-testedname of Rover. Also, her infernal organs gave her a good deal of trouble.
I hope MY daughter isnt a coward, I said.
Love, Sid told her teasingly, didmellow people remarkably. But Ill not be denying she washed thimclane and didnt be laving a grasey sink. I think its lovely having the orchard coming right into the houselike this, said Pat. May looked after her and her bold handsome face flushed crimsonunder Pats utter disregard.
Spacially if this news were hearing about Jingle istrue. When she looked at it it gaveher some of its own pride and calm and faint austerity.
Now, if she could get a new set of brains shemight do very well for a while. She did be trying to pump me aboutCleaver this morning but I wasnt knowing innything.
It was hard for Pat not to like a dog if he had anydecency at all. May, after a scene, carried it off to her own room, where nobodyinterfered with her arrangements. There doesnt seem to be as much glamour, romantically speaking.
Do you know that May badgered Sid at last into taking her back andshowing her the Secret Field? Also, her infernal organs gave her a good deal of trouble. She lingered at the gate to taste her happiness after Sid had goneon to the barn.
Pat had got acquainted with him at the Long House and hehad dangled a bit round Silver Bush.

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