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[fxvt-users] snack bar

From: Patty Gay
Subject: [fxvt-users] snack bar
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:43:29 -0500

I cant understand that people want to have everything, all life,no?
And, praying for his soul, she seemed to gaina victory over him, in the odour of sanctity.
Butwhat more I had to teach her wouldnt be in the American style ofteaching. I dont like the love you havefor your children.
It was her all, her Christ, and herBlessed Virgin. But then she was afraid of what might happen to her, and she caughther hand up into her shawl. Carlota and Kate emerged from the inner doorway of the house. Again that quiet,subterranean insolence against life, which seems to belong tomodern life.
It is the living fire of the earth, for the earth is alive. You do NOT love them,you are only putting your love will over them.
A servant was going round the rooms with a lantern, to look ifscorpions were coming out. He is suspicious, andjealous for fear anyone else might want to share in his power. Little boys, he said, are like little gramophones.
That is the manhood of man, and for woman, her womanhood.
While ever there was one little vulnerable chink. When he found he couldnt, then he submitted,and new little fires of joy sprang up in him. Given one little vulnerable chink, they would pierce him. She came home infrail, pure triumph, like a flower that blooms on a grave: hisgrave.
No, I feel, unless I was sure I could get out anyday, I couldnt bear to be here.
Some invisible juggernaut car rolling in the dark over theoutside world.
You are weakening and vitiating the boys.
And, praying for his soul, she seemed to gaina victory over him, in the odour of sanctity.
It would be pretty nasty for usif he got himself into the newspapers with it. And the tables ofoffering are all covered with these flowers, all put so neatly.
Down came the rain with a smash, as if some great vessel hadbroken.
Ramón was too proudand angry to fight for them.
I dont understand, myself, WHAT you want, he muttered.

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