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[fxvt-users] spoonful

From: Dennis Holden
Subject: [fxvt-users] spoonful
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:26:55 -0500

His arms went around her gently, and he bent his head to her face.
Shell wear herself out nursing and sewing.
His arms went around her gently, and he bent his head to her face.
Regret to inform you Major Wilkes missing since scoutingexpedition three days ago. Ladies now wore gaiters made oftheir old wool shawls and cut-up carpets.
After she had nodded, itdid not seem so dreadful, for he looked so kind and so concerned.
Just compare me with those rag-tags over thereand youll appreciate me more. Oh, Ashley, I love you so much Id walk every step ofthe way to Virginia just to be near you! Shes so frail and weak and youreso strong, Scarlett. She was happy thosetwo months, happier than she had been in years. Oh, Ashley, she whispered happily, thrilling at his words and histouch on her face.
At the first touch of his lips on hers, her arms were about hisneck in a strangling grip.
And for a man, especially RhettButler, to ask such a question was unthinkable. Beforethe war she wouldnt have let one of our darkies wear them. Who did mend your uniform andwhy did they use blue patches? He had been tired and upset when he said it.
Scarlett, will you look after Melanie for me?
What if StonewallJackson had worn one in preference to a slouch felt? That didntmake them any more dignified looking. Melanie did not even look up when Ashleyopened the bedroom door, but sped inside. Melanie must be too overcome by the grief of parting to leave herroom.
I hope you will not repeat what I have said, Scarlett. That didntmake them any more dignified looking. Darling, you look like a ragamuffin, said Melanie when the firstexcitement of homecoming was over. How can people say suchdreadful things about you?
And the Yankees had been driven out of Georgia, back intoTennessee. Meade says it will be here in late August or September, shesaid. Betrayhis own Confederacy by taking that vile oath and then betray hisword to the Yankees! Oh, Scarlett, I dont know how I shallever write Ashley! And Scarlett,flying up the stairs with a hot brick wrapped in flannel, foundRhett patting her hand.
This second blighting of her hopes was more than heart could bearand she cried Oh! That little flat-topped forage cap Ashley was wearing lookedridiculous.
A little shy, now that the time had come to give it to him, sheunrolled the package.
Wilkes, I will use what influence I have inWashington to learn about Mr.
Dont worry, said Alex, eyeing Cades boots. You must be brave, he said, and his voice changed subtly. Uncle Peter, muffled in a quilt, was bringing outthe carriage to take Ashley to the train.

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