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[gap-discuss] Free online language translator tool

From: John Howard
Subject: [gap-discuss] Free online language translator tool
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 15:31:50 -0500

GNUstep applications users can easily create their own language translation from any Localizable.strings file.

Step 1:
GNUstep applications have language project ".lproj" files that are a directory containing a UTF-8 text file named Localizable.strings.  Copy the directory and rename it to your language, for example "Polish.lproj".

Step 2:
Open your "Localizable.strings" file with the TextEdit app to replace the quoted text on the right with your own language translation, for example English "New" = Polish "Nowy".

Step 3:
Developers (maybe yourself) then can use GORM to adjust the size of dialog boxes and buttons to fit each language.  (This should be an automatic layout, but it isn't.)  Otherwise, it sometimes looks of bad quality but it still works.

Happy translating!

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