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[Gcl-devel] Patch: minor Linux changes

From: Jerry James
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Patch: minor Linux changes
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 15:08:34 -0700

Here is a patch against 2.6.7 + the current Debian patch.  The first
hunk, against h/linux.h, makes the code use sigprocmask instead of
sigblock.  The sigprocmask interface has been available since Linux
kernel version 2.2 (current version is 2.6).  The sigblock interface
is currently deprecated.

The second hunk, against o/run_process.c, does two things.  First, it
uses dup2 instead of dup.  There's no particular problem here, it just
makes me nervous not to ask for the file descriptor we assume we got
later.  Second, it closes the fdin and fdout file descriptors, which
are no longer needed.

The next two hunks, against o/unixfsys.c, fixes a problem I am having
on Fedora 9, where at high optimization levels, the glibc headers
specify inline versions of some functions.  I'm getting calls made to
getwd() somehow, even though getcwd() is available.  I don't
understand it, but this part of the patch fixes the problem for me.
Also note that the getcwd prototype (in the #ifndef _WIN32 block) is
unnecessary, since getcwd is declared in unistd.h, which this file

The last hunk, also against o/unixfsys.c, gets rid of a shell
invocation and a context switch just to change the name of a file.

Jerry James

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