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Re: [Gcl-devel] gcl 2.7.0 hopelessly broken in debian

From: Faré
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] gcl 2.7.0 hopelessly broken in debian
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 01:32:12 -0400

>>>: Gabriel
>>> I rather use a command line option than having 4 or 5 versions of GCL
>>> executable, all essentially the same.
>> Or environment variable?
> that would do too -- though my preference would be for a command line option.
You could have both, with a central script having its defaults,
and thin wrapper scripts overriding it:

exec gcl_dispatcher -cvs -ansi "$@"

>>> note that defpackage is atually a separate package in GCL, that
>>> sometimes causes troubles if you don't use the package defpackage.
>> Is this a problem?
CLHS says that all symbols documented in the CLHS and only them
should be exported symbols of the CL package, but explicitly allows
the home-package of any such symbol to not be CL. According to my .sig,
GCL 2.7 seems to be compliant.

> compared to the default behaviour of other free Lisp, yes.
> It can be quite confusing and eat up precious time, when one is unaware
> of that behaviour.
I'm not sure - what eats precious time? I'm more confused by the way
that defpackage doesn't work well in an eval-when than by the fact
that it lives in a different package.

Note that you could have the defpackage package import defpackage from CL
instead of the opposite.

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