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[Gcl-devel] GCL 2.6.10 has been released

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] GCL 2.6.10 has been released
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:27:42 -0500

Greetings!  The GCL team is happy to announce the release of version
2.6.10, the latest achievement in the 'stable' (as opposed to
'development') series.  Please see http://www.gnu.org/software/gcl for
downloading information.

This release addresses many of the issues introduced by the 2.6.9
developments, in addition to using gmp for random number generation,
adding fast immediate fixnum operations for most functions, and
accelerating garbage collection and hash table lookups.  From the git

  randomize addresses as hash keys
  refine readdir
  optimize gethash loop
  opendir,readdir,closedir functions
  make object_to_string safe for text strings
  no SGC on ia64 pending fix to getc/fread restart failure and hang
  ensure-directories-exist and wild-pathname-p
  changes for latest mingw on windows
  Don't use TMP in configure for windows
  prevent relocatable maxpage from extending beyond real_maxpage due to hole
  no gprof on ia64, possible function descriptor corruption due to mcount
  robustify allocation of environment and argument space in unrandomize.h
  main.c typo fix
  limit startup relblock pages to 5% of available_pages
  NOFREE_ERR for ia64
  fix trailing slash removal pre lstat on mingw
  optimize number_expt
  add mpz_ui_pow_ui and mpz_pow_ui to gmp_wrappers.h
  ensure that lstat takes no trailing slashes on mingw
  reserve 8M stack on mingw, and start alloc probe at 0x20000000 for wine
  initialize c stack variables in make_bignum before gc calling mpz_init_set
  allow for nreloc overflow in coff, restoring acl2 on mingw
  abandon stabs debug format on mingw as is now too small
  limit text start search, restoring s390 build
  make equal explicitly tail recursive on mingw to overcome compiler deficiency
  add sys and child sys values to get-internal-run-time
  optimize number_abs and number_signum
  inlines for gcd and lcm
  ctzl instruction, and defaults for clzl and ctzl when absent
  fix type-and to properly order t and object
  fix safe_mul, clz and fixnum_shft for corner cases
  remove lfun prop to eq, eql, equal and equalp
  remove redundant mod code
  fix integer_divide1 call in number_expt
  faster integer log functions
  prototypes and optimization inlines for immnum functions
  faster division algorithms -- FIXME centralize mod, do round
  centralize inlined immnum logic in new immnum.h header
  remove 'c1conditional property of 'boole
  use clz in fixnum_times where available
  try mpz_init_set in make_bignum -- FIXME stack of pre initialized bignums
  don't mark link array when not collecting relblock
  fix shifti bug
  add gmp wrappers for the various division rounding modes
  fix type-and so that t < '(values t t)
  fix sublis1-inline for new predicate macros
  faster eq,eql,equal, and equalp predicates
  configure check for clzl instruction
  define OBJNULL for hurd
  separately protect mark_link_array from non-data cfd
  remove unnecessary branches to marking of cfd code
  backport #? inline string directive to ensure 'first' vararg is initialized
  sgc mark phase typo
  only sgc mark old contiguous data when collecting contiguous
  remove null value error in mv-ref to accommodate low immediate fixnums
  fix bds_top capture bug in bds_bind macro (e.g. arg eval changes bds_top)
  scale initial relblock with heap size instead of available_pages
  try initial relblock scale of twice heap pages
  unset si::*optimize-maximum-pages* in raw image to limit unexec file size
  clear gcc warnings regarding ignored function return values
  function def typo
  scale maxrbpage and new_holepage with available_pages on startup
  clarify room report
  disable safecdr by default
  widecons configure option
  memcpy to speed up relocatable gc
  set_bits fix for i1==i2
  edit_double overflow fix
  set_bits fix
  get_sgc_bits bug fix
  get_bits debugging 2
  fix to get_bits
  get_bits/set_bits debugging
  update tm_maxpage in sgc_start
  report low immfix in (room t)
  use tee in test_results target
  imcdr typo fix
  default to high immfix, check cstack for low immfix
  enable-safecdr and enable-safecdrdbg configure options
  gbc accelerations
  support for low immediate fixnums
  box all fixnums in cdr, and speed all object typing
  gethash/hash-set optimizers
  add safety page to relocatable gc to workaround unexplained overwrite FIXME
  make sure gprof arrays are writable in sgc
  fix edit_double, failure to print 1d-6
  rework sane default to contiguous and relocatable tm_table parameters
  simplify and speedup marking of old data on sgc pages
  make sure contiguous sgc_minfree gets initialized with sane value
  revert set_type_of to preserve sgc bit, init stack objects with static
  reinit_gmp prototype
  reinit_gmp on mips to fix (random), where LD_BIND_NOW is also required
  correct cpage macro for new sgc contblock bit
  zero mark bits on contblock allocation
  define ADDR_COMPAT_LAYOUT and ADDR_LIMIT_3GB if not present in configure
  eliminate preclear of contblock mark bits
  sgc bit for contiguous pages, need low mem for code on 64bit
  prefer low memory when loading code to satisfy jump bit constraints
  backport of gmp random numbers from master
  lintian fix to VirtualFree call in unexnt.c
  rehardwire heap start address on windows
  try not fixing heap start address on windws
  try for up to 2 Gb heap on windows
  try to fix deallocation in windows heap probe
  clean windows heap size probe
  don't rely on errno on macosx heap size probe
  try to probe heap size on windows
  Use brk wrapper around sbrk to consolidate behavior when latter is emulated
  probe heap size up to 32Gb on macosx
  allocate gcl_zone_body in static area, as malloc_create_zone returns a 
pointer to read-only memory in macosx 10.8
  work around unlinkable profile prototype in macosx 10.8 64bit
  clear prototype mismatch warning
  Set windows heap start to stable 0x10100000 of 2.6.8 for now
  place parenthesis around argument to cast in make_fixnum, fix invalid lvalue
  support for empty filenames following -f on command line
  fix documentation formatting errors
  zero firstword in set_type_of macro to handle C stack objects

Take care,
Camm Maguire                                        address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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